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In Russian: ебать

verb, imperf.

How to read (transcription)



to fuck (somebody)

Ebat is one of the four main words on which the whole Russian Mat is based on. Adding various prefixes you can get slightly or completely different meaning. The derivatives of ebat are used in everyday life to express all sorts of emotions, from excitement to disappointment.

Examples of "ebat" in Russian

  • Он ебал её всю ночь.
    [on ye-BAL mee-NYA fsyu noch']
    He fucked her all night long.
  • Её муж ебёт её каждый день.
    [ye-YO mush ye-BYOT ye-YO KAZH-dyî dyen']
    Her husband fucks her every day.
  • Да тебя ебать надо!
    [da tee-BYA ye-BAT' NA-da]
    You need to be fucked!


With the meaning To fuck:
перепихнуться, переспать, ебаться, трахаться / трахнуть

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