хрен (хер) его знает!

Russian swear words


How to read (transcription)

[hryen (hyer) ye-VO ZNA-yet]


(I’ll be) damned if I know!
I have no idea!

The use of this expression depends of the gender of what you are talking about:

- хрен его знает! - masculine or neuter
- хрен её знает! - feminine
- хрен их знает! - plural

You can also say simply: хрен знает! or хер знает!


  • Какая погода завтра? - Да хрен ее знает.
    [ka-KA-ya pa-GO-da ZAFT-ra? - da hryen ye-YO ZNA-yet]
    What is the weather like tomorrow? - I have no idea.
  • Дима придет сегодня? - Хрен знает...
    [DEE-ma pree-DYOT see-VOD-nya? - hryen ZNA-yet]
    Dima will come today? - Who knows...

Russian swear words

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