In Russian: лох

noun, m.

How to read (transcription)



lout, oaf, hayseed, dupe, gull, loser
(refers to a naive and simple individual)

Being called loh in Russian is very far from being a compliment. If anything, you don't want anybody to take you for a loh.

There are theories that the word loh originated from prison slang and stands for лицо обманутое хулиганами (individual deceived by hooligans). But the word is probably much older and comes from the noun лопух which means burdock and often used in the meaning simpleton.

Examples of "loh" in Russian

  • А этому лоху что здесь нужно?
    [a E-ta-mu LO-hu chto zdyes' NUZH-na]
    What does this sucker need here?
  • Ну и кто теперь лох?
    [nu ee kto tee-PYER' loh]
    So who is the loser now?

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