охренеть (охереть)

Russian swear words

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verb, perf.

How to read (transcription)

[ah-ree-NYET' / a-hee-RYET']


to go crazy, to go nuts; to be too arrogant / impudent / pushy / impertinent; to lose it

Охренеть comes from the word хрен which is an euphemism for dick.

Охренеть is often used when we talk about someone who's behavior or actions disturb other people or hard to explain. When talking about oneself, охренеть often means being surprised.


  • Ты совсем охренел, что-ли?
    [ty saf-SYEM ah-ree-NYEL chto-lee]
    Are you completely nuts? / What's your problem?
  • Они охренели совсем там.
    [a-NEE ah-ree-NYE-lee saf-SYEM tam]
    They lost it there completely.
  • Мы слегка охренели от такой наглости.
    [my sleeh-KA ah-ree-NYE-lee at ta-KOÎ NA-glas-tee]
    We got a little surprised by such impudence.

Russian swear words

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