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Russian words for sex

verb, perf.

How to read (transcription)



to have sex (slang)

Перепихнуться comes from the verb пихать which means to push. So translated literally, it would be something like to push each other.

However, it is never used in any other sense but to have sex, most often it implies quick sex.


  • Вы с ней перепихнулись хоть по-быстрому?
    [vy s nyeî pee-ree-peeh-NU-lees' hot' pa-BYST-ra-mu]
    Have you at least had a quick fuck with her?
  • Не хочешь перепихнуться?
    [nye HO-cheesh' pee-ree-peeh-NU-tsa]
    Do you want to have a quick fuck?


With the meaning To fuck:
переспать, ебаться, ебать, трахаться / трахнуть

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Russian words for sex

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