suka / cyka

In Russian: сука

noun, f.

How to read (transcription)



bitch, she-dog

Besides its literal meaning, suka is often used as an insult in Russian.

In a sexual intercourse, it is better to use the diminutive version of suka:

little bitch

Examples of "suka / cyka" in Russian

  • Эта сука мне за всё заплатит!
    [E-ta SU-ka mnye za fsyo za-PLA-teet]
    This bitch will pay me for everything!
  • Ах ты сукин сын!
    [ah ty SU-kin syn]
    Oh you son of a bitch!
  • Она ебется как сучка.
    [a-NA ye-BYO-tsa kak SUCH-ka]
    She fucks like a bitch.

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