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In Russian: блядь

Russian Pod 101

noun, f.

How to read (transcription)



literally: slut
most often: damn! fuck!

Blyat in Russian is used as a swear word in all sorts of situations.

The closest translation in English would be damn! or fuck!.

Examples of "blyat" in Russian

  • Где ты, блядь, шлялся?
    [ty gdye, blyat', SHLYAL-sya]
    Where the fuck have you been?
  • Она настоящая блядь.
    [a-NA nas-ta-YA-scha-ya blyat']
    She is a real slut.
  • Блядь, как мне все это надоело!
    [blyat', kak mnye fsyo E-ta na-da-YE-la]
    Fuck, I'm so sick and tired of all that!

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2 comments on “блядь

  1. Где ты, блядь, шлялся?
    [ty gdye, blyat’, SHLYAL-sya]
    The the fuck have you been?

    –> It’s actually WHERE the f have you been

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