Russian Swearwords

And other indecent Russian vocabulary

Russian Pod 101

Learn Russian swears to better bond with Russians

Russians swear a lot. According to a survey made in 2015, more than a half of Russians (59%) use Russian mat in their everyday life. And this is not mentioning more harmless Russian swear words.

Most Russians (54%), according to the same survey, believe that people swear just because they can. 33% consider swearing a way to unburden oneself, and only 13% consider it an intention to insult someone. Another 13% think that swearing helps them to establish better bonds with people. Meanwhile, profanities are currently banned from TV and media in Russia so you can only hear them in the streets and among your friends.

If you learn Russian, and moreover, if you live in Russia, don't miss on the opportunity to familiarize yourself with this side of the language as it makes a big part of the Russian mentality.

We don't encourage you to start swearing in Russian (although it is very tempting, people usually prefer swearing in another language as it does not sound so bad in their mind). But we encourage you to learn Russian swears to better understand what's being said around you and maybe have a better bonding with Russians.

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