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трахаться / трахнуть

Russian words for sex

verb, imperf. / perf.

How to read (transcription)

[TRA-ha-tsa / TRAH-nut']


to fuck (euphemism)

This is the most common way to say "fuck" if you don't want to use Russian Mat.


  • Они трахались всю ночь.
    [a-NEE TRA-kha-lees' fsyu noch']
    They fucked all night long.
  • Трахни меня!
    [TRAH-nee mee-NYA]
    Fuck me!
  • Он хочет тебя трахнуть.
    [on KHO-chet tee-BYA TRAH-nut']
    He want to fuck you.


With the meaning To fuck:
перепихнуться, переспать, ебаться, ебать

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Russian words for sex

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