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Russian words for sex

verb, imperf.

How to read (transcription)



literally: to sleep over

to sleep with somebody, to have sex with somebody

Переспать is often used with the preposition c: переспать с кем-то

This is the most innocent way to say "to have sex".


  • Ты переспала с ним?
    [ty pee-ree-spa-LA s neem]
    Did you have sex with him?
  • Он переспал с половиной курса.
    [on pee-ree-SPAL s pa-la-VEE-naî KUR-sa]
    He fucked a half of the faculty.
  • Они переспали.
    [a-NEE pee-ree-SPA-lee]
    They had sex.


With the meaning To fuck:
перепихнуться, ебаться, ебать, трахаться / трахнуть

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Russian words for sex

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