ёбаный в рот

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How to read (transcription)

[YO-ba-nyî v rot]


literally: fucked in the mouth

It does not really mean anything, it is more of an exclamation that people say when experiencing some strong emotions.

You can use that when you usually use English fuck! damn! shit! and other exclamations.


  • Ёбаный в рот, опять кран протекает!
    [YO-ba-nyî v rot, a-PYAT' kran pra-tee-KA-eet]
    Fuck, the tap is leaking again!
  • Ёбаный в рот, ну что за херня опять!
    [YO-ba-nyî v rot, nu chto za heer-NYA a-PYAT']
    Shit, what the fuck again!?

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