In Russian: пиздец

How to read (transcription)



this is fucked up!
that’s the end of it!
(you/we/etc.) are fucked!

Pizdets is a common way to express a disappointment, surprise or other strong emotions.

Such expressions as пиздец тебе (pizdets tyebye) or пиздец нам (pizdets nam), pizdets implies an unfavorable course of events for those to whom this expression is addressed.

Examples of "pizdets" in Russian

  • Ну пиздец, приехали!
    [nu piz-DYETS, pree-YE-ha-lee]
    What the fuck! / That's fucked up!
  • Пиздец тебе настал!
    [piz-DYETS tee-BYE nas-TAL]
    You are fucked!

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